UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence (CTE) is posting regular blog articles in connection with the research projects undertaken as well as more generally with UITP topics of interest. From January to August 2018, Asia-Pacific CTE is mainly focusing on the research project entitled "Artificial Intelligence in mass Public Transport: what is the future for artificial intelligence in public transport systems and how to strike the balance between the human and technology?".

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Artificial Intelligence in Public Transport - Profound Paradigm Shift or Incremental Improvement?

by Alexander Mastrovito, Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions at Scania Asia & Oceania

How will Artificial Intelligence play a role in Public Transportation?

by Tariq Shallwani, Business Development Manager at Thales

Embrace Artificial Intelligence to Transform Public Transport

by Morris Cheung, Executive Director at MTR Corporation Limited

Legal and Policy Frameworks as Enablers of Artificial Intelligence in Public Transport

by Sherena Hussain, Assistant Professor at Brookfield Centre in Real Estate and Infrastructure, Schulich School of Business

Thoughts after participating in UITP Ideation Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

by Jason Hutchings, Senior Design Director at Atkins

How Chatbots can Impact Your Metro Experience?

by Rocketbots

Series of mini-blogs from the Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong - Entry One: Facial Recognition

by Bernard Zech, member of the Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong

The blog articles are the writers' opinions and do not necessarily represent UITP perspective or view.